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Steve's second anthology, Yesterday Once More, was released February 11, 2009.  Contains 35 award winning stories covering many genres.

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Depravity by Lance Waters.  Featured photo for Steve's award-winning mystery, Last Supper, in Yesterday Once More.

Untitled photo near Jackson Hole, WY, by David Knight.  Featured photo in Steve's western section.

Photo by Stewart Matthews for Steve's award-winning mystery story, Awaiting Manner of Death.

  • "Steve has become a top-notch author."                                 Peggy Vining, Poet Laureate of Arkansas and 2008 Governor's Arts Awards Recipient for Lifetime Achievement Award
  • "Steve Whisnant has done it again, he just gets better and better.  His work is a joy to read, be it literary, or contemporary."           Diana Ross, Copyeditor, The Ozarks Mountaineer magazine
  • "I've started reading your book {Yesterday Once More}! I'm really enjoying it. You certainly know how to spin a story. I love the twists you have at the end--my kind of writing, and my favorite reading."      Linda Fisher, President, Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers' Guild
  • "Keep up the great work; I love your short story book.  I'm savoring them one at a time."                                                                   Jim Barton, Multi Award-Winning Author & Poet

Damascus, featured photo for Steve's short Christian story, Road to Damascus.

The Vision, by Sherrie Shepherd.  This photo is the featured artwork to Steve's award-winning paranormal romance story, A Little Hope

Untitled photo by Carolyn Boyles.  Image will represent Steve's paranormal story Friendship Made in Heaven.

Just Sitting by Lance Waters. Artwork is included in Steve's story of the same name.

Photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.  Image used with Steve's western, After Elkhorn.

NOTEYesterday Again is now out of print except for a few copies still remaining at bookstores and on Amazon.com.

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Formatting for printing by Allen LeeIncludes 20 award-winning stories, from Mysteries and Westerns, to a Paranormal Romance and Gothic and several surprises in between.  Each tale begins with an introduction and history of the piece.

  • "I like your writing {on Yesterday Again}.  You tell a good story....  I think you will go far with your dream.  I hope D.O.C. does well."                                                                                  Jory Sherman, Pulitzer Prize nominated author and winner of a 1991 Spur Award 
  • "They say you 'can't go home again.'  But as an Ozarker, do you ever feel you want to go home again, if even for a little while?  Today, I actually went.  As I started reading Yesterday Again, author Steve Whisnant made me see places that were only distant memories....  If you are a true Ozarker and you miss these sights and sounds as much as I do, pick up the book and you will be transported....  The writer knows his Ozarks."                                                               Diana Flanary-Bray, Book Review for The Ozark Mountaineer
  • "I was so involved with the characters in {his} book that I didn’t hear the phone ringing…and I was on duty at the bookstore!  It has been a long time since a book has kept my interest to this level!"            Doris McDaniel, Vintage Books
  • "If I were a betting man, I would bet Steve Whisnant will not only become a recognized author, but attain some prominence...It’s just possible this book may someday be a collector’s item."                   Jim Bell, retired President, Publishers Bookshop, Inc.
  • "It was a great read."                                                          James White, Harrison's Daily Times
  • "...I was surprised at the depth of understanding and feeling with which {he} handled {his} characters....  The way {he} showed motivation for every action (seemlessly) along with each character's emotions marks {him} as a writer with great possibilities."          Marcia Camp, two time winner of the Sybil Nash Abrams Poetry Award and nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize
  • "I have enjoyed every story; you (Steve) write well and are so talented. Congratulations on your book. It is a great read."          Linda Fisher, Membership Chair, Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers' Guild
  • "...Your descriptions of the state, the portraits you so clearly paint with your words, brings me home every time I pick up your book....  I think you are a fantastic writer.  I am hooked, and look forward to your next book."                                                                       Jill Ann Church, Award Winning Writer
  • "...I LOVED your book.  You write what you know and do it so very well.  Your characters are alive with poignant feelings.  I was particularly impressed with the story about the man who stopped into a small AR cafe and appreciated the values expressed by the denizens while their behaviors expressed a cruelty to those not within their circle.  Good job."                                                               Sharon Leinbach, State Registrar, Tennessee Vital Records

“Steve dipped his sharp pen in the ink of the story telling and scrawled for you some page turning yarns about the Ozarks, the West and more.”

Dusty Richards                                                                                        Award-winning writer and author of 70 novels and the
2004 inductee to the Arkansas Writers Hall of Fame

"Steve is an ideameister who enjoys turning literary and philosophical rocks over to see what's on the other side.  His strength is imagination; his tools are words.  The evidence of his accomplishments is in the number of awards they have garnered." 

Robert Hall                                                                                Author of Times of Jacob's Trouble and White Stone Prophecy
and former reviewer for Southern Scribe.  The Learnin' Post, a            young reader's book, garnered the endorsement of Mike Huckabee,  Governor or Arkansas

Exciting News!  In March 2007, Dusty won two Spur Awards, one for his western novel, Horse Creek Incident, and one for his short story, Comanche Moon.  This is the highest award one can receive for western writing!  Dusty is the only author in the awards fifty year history to win more than one in the same year.  Congratulations, Dusty!