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Award-winning novel D.O.C. is about a young, investigative journalist who discovers far more than he ever intended when he delves into the privatization of our nation's prison systems.  As he gets closer to the truth, it nearly costs him his life and all he holds most dear.  Nothing is ever what it seems.  You will never view the "War on Drugs" and our nation's penal institutions the same again.  Are there alternatives, and why do we not hear about them?  The lines between fiction and nonfiction blur in D.O.C.

Front cover by Gary Wayne Golden.  See his website:  www.garywaynegolden.com

  • Award-winning journalist Mara Leveritt, and author of The Boys on the Tracks and Devil’s Knot, read D.O.C. and said she was “impressed” and “This will be quite an eye-opener for your readers.” 

Mara LeverittMara Leveritt

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  • "Reading this book, I became engrossed in his story-and the ideas....  Suspense and danger will entertain you while you learn that nothing is ever as it appears, and what glitters is not necessarily gold.  An interesting summer read, with phenomenal cover art.  A must-read." Diana Flanary-Bray, Book Review for The Ozark Mountaineer
  • “This well-researched and important topic is a ‘Must Read’ for every person who is concerned about the “War on Drugs,” prison overcrowding, ethics, and politics.  D.O.C. could have been titled It Could Happen to You when the novel’s main character refuses to compromise his principles as a journalist. Excellent!”                   Linda Morgan, Cottage Bookstore of Melbourne, Arkansas
  • "Your book, D.O.C. (Department of Corrections), was not only captivating reading, but a real eye opener as to what could happen to any of us.  As an ardent reader of all types of books, I found your book to be extremely well written and intellectually delightful.  I highly recommend it."                                                                        Nor Sivad, Owner of Out of Time Radio, Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Department of Corrections took third honorable mention in the Arkansas Pioneer Branch Prose Award at the 2001 Arkansas Writers’ Conference.  
  • The novel also won first honorable mention in the Fred Bean Memorial Award at the 2001 Ozark Creative Writers’ Conference.