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Used with permission of John Deering.

  • Family and "day job" priorities. Taking time off and not setting up many events.

I've been wanting to thank you for the great job that you did speaking at American Christian Writers.  Your presentation was wonderful and your handout is so helpful. You have such a gracious way about yourself, Steve, and it is always a pleasure to hear you speak.  Thanks so much for carving out time to come to FamilyLife. You did a great job!                                                                                           Mary Larmoyeux

Thank you so much for coming and facilitating our two meetings.  The children really enjoyed meeting you and Domino.                                                                     Samatha Hayes & David Smith,                     Batesville School District Early Learning & Enrichment Center

On behalf of the Arkansas Reading Association, I would like to extend our appreciation to you for presenting at our 2008 conference.  Thank you for helping us spread the excitement of reading around the world beginning with the great state of Arkansas!                                                                                                       Julie Huskey,                                                       Arkansas Reading Association Board

Thank you for attending the Ozark Writers Live last Saturday.  Your workshop was right on.  I have heard nothing but good comments about your presentation.  We enjoyed having you at our library and I am personally looking forward to working with you in the future.                                                                                                                 Nancy Hartney,                                                                     Fayetteville Public Library

Thank you very much for presenting your book Domino to the children during our reading club event.  Everyone had a good time and enjoyed making their own books.  Reading club was a great success this year!                                                                                                          Susan Walker,                                            Children's Librarian, Columbia County Library

We loved having you at our library for an author visit.  You showed an obvious love for children and for presenting them with your book Domino--and I loved that you held the book so that it faced the children!  I especially enjoyed watching you help them create their own book after your reading.                                                                                                                                                                   Ruth Hyatt,                         Children's Services Librarian, Saline County Public Libraries

THANK YOU again for a wonderful job with the children!  I wasn't sure how attention spans would be, but I thought it was remarkable that you "tuned them in" and they continued to ask questions.  Having Domino there, too, was a special treat!  We appreciate your sharing your time and talents with the children.                                                                                                                    Janet Williams,                                                                           Saddle Creek Church

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with our group!  We appreciate you!  Many blessings as you continue your writing career.                                                                                                       Jayna Richardson,                                       FamilyLife Chapter of American Christian Writers